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Dumbell Tricks

When doing alternate dumbbell curls, start out with a hammer style grip. Your thumbs will be pointing straight up if extended.

Now twist the dumbbell to 180 degrees or further (handle parallel to the floor). This gives the bicep muscles extra contraction.

When first gripping the dumbbells for this exercise, grab them to the far side of the dumbbell which at the top of each rep will be the side closest to outside of body.biceps-muscle-building-tricks

As shown in image , your grip should be to the outer edge of each dumbbell.

This makes the contraction harder as you twist dumbbell through each repetition.

Although a trick many people never use, one that has really helped take my biceps and arm development to a new level.

Add Weight to the Outer Edge of Dumbbell

Now  to another whole new level.

Now you’re going to make the dumbbell even further off balance by simply shifting your grip to the far outer edge of dumbbell.

You’ll need some fractional weight plates and/or some duct tape and/or some magnetic fractional weight plates. Alternately, you can use heavier weight plates like 2.5, or 5, or 10 pound plates added to edge of dumbbell.

Simply add the extra weight to edge of dumbbell.muscle-building-tricks-for-biceps

No matter what, though, make sure the weight plate is securely attached to the outer edge of dumbbell.  Doesn’t matter if it’s only a couple pounds… it hurts.

Placing an extra weight to the outer edge of each dumbbell gives alternate dumbbell curls an entirely new twist (pun intended)!

These 2 biceps muscle building tricks used with dumbbell curls will take your biceps development to a whole new level._sstnq

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